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As bailiffs, we can act as your licensed and bonded agent to seize and/or distrain against the property of a debtor. A bailiff can only take action for you if there is authority to act. Our authority to act may be found in a contract held by the creditor, statutes, or common law. The statutes (laws) under which a bailiff may commonly exercise their authority include: the Personal Property Security Act, Rent Distress Act, Repairer’s Lien Act, and Warehouse Lien Act.

Creditors such as financial institutions often engage bailiffs, lawyers acting for their clients, landlords of commercial premises, and/or others who require a bailiff to act on their behalf for specific credit related issues.

Bailiffs' duties include some of the following services:

  • Consulting with creditors regarding collection/enforcement of a debt
  • Investigation and location of assets of a debtor
  • Seizure of goods and chattels from a debtor
  • Sales of seized goods and chattels
  • Preparing or obtaining evaluations or appraisals of seized goods
  • Preparing detailed inventories of seized goods
  • Preparing detailed inventories for creditors
  • Collateral inspection for creditors

Generally speaking, a bailiff’s reasonable fees and costs are considered to be a part of the amount owed by the debtor and may be added to the debt owed, if law permits. These fees may include but not be limited to: a seizure fee, an hourly charge, towing, storage, filing and administration, operating costs (mileage/distance), and applicable taxes.

Our bailiffs obtain their licenses from Consumer Protection BC and they operate under the BPCP Act and related regulation.

At North Central Bailiffs Ltd., you can always expect our bailiffs and Court Bailiffs to conduct themselves as professionals. We will always put your interests first.

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