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As Court Bailiffs, we enforce orders for the court. The Ministry of Attorney General for British Columbia, under the Sheriff’s Act, has appointed our Court Bailiffs.

At North Central Bailiffs Ltd., we have been executing Court Orders since 1990 and we are experts at asset location, evaluation, and all aspects of Court Order Enforcement.

Court Bailiffs are Peace Officers, and have the authority to enforce all orders that were formerly enforced only by the Sheriffs. Most bailiff companies do not carry this authority. North Central Bailiffs Ltd. has Court Bailiffs at or serving all branches throughout our network. A bailiff cannot be hired to perform the duties of a Court Bailiff.

Court Bailiffs have the authority to seize personal property when a Court Orders them to do so. This can happen when the court has determined that a person has not paid money that he/she owed, as he/she was required to do.

Court Bailiffs also have the right to place property under seizure immediately, and may or may not physically remove it at the time they execute the Court Order.

Immediate seizure does not affect the right of the person whose property is being seized to choose certain property that the Court Bailiff cannot sell to pay the Court Judgment. This property may include equity in a home, equity in a vehicle, household goods and clothing. The Judgment Debtor has two days to claim this exemption. The individual’s right to their exemption expires two days after the seizure, or the notice of it.

Creditors should be aware that Judgment Debtors could claim certain goods, in specified values, as exempt from seizure. The same rules are applicable if the Judgment Debtor was to file for bankruptcy. The Court Bailiff can help you understand how this applies. Note – Corporations are not entitled to exemptions.

To avoid having their property seized, a Judgment Debtor can pay the full judgment plus the Court Bailiff’s costs at the time the Court Bailiff executes the Court Order. The Court Bailiff can usually estimate costs accurately at that time. If however, the debt plus costs were paid after seizure, additional costs would likely apply.

If an individual needs more time to pay, this may be arranged, but it is entirely up to the Creditor and the Court Bailiff. If the individual is prepared to pay the court judgment over time, it may be possible to work out a payment schedule.

Some examples of Court Orders that we routinely execute include:

Writ of Seizure and Sale, Order for Seizure and Sale, Writ of Attachment, Writ of Possession, and Writ of Delivery.

At North Central Bailiffs Ltd., our low price deposit system makes it possible for all parties to have an order enforced by a Court Bailiff. We have no hidden charges or referral fees for transferring your files from area to area within our network.

We have a record of success that is second to none, as reported by the Ministry of Attorney General. In a recent report, the Ministry stated that “North Central Bailiffs Ltd. was honest, almost to a fault,” and that our fee structure was “simple, easy to understand, and a credit to [our company].

If you have a question regarding the enforcement of any Court Order, feel free to call us for information.

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