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In addition to the services listed above, we handle Commercial Rent Distress actions. Commercial landlords know the value of a skilled bailiff when it comes to these technical seizures. Let the experienced bailiffs at North Central Bailiffs Ltd. solve your next commercial tenancy issue.

    * To protect our customers we will ensure that all appraisals of the seized goods are done ‘at arms length’.
    * The required advertising is carefully prepared and placed to assure market penetration.
    * To obtain the best possible recovery, all goods are sold by tender, in a competitive atmosphere.
    * We will allocate items into separate sales lots as required so as not to limit the market potential of individual types of goods and to attract more bidders.
    * We confirm with all priority creditors in writing so that our customers know the priorities of disbursement of proceeds, after the sale.
    * We will pursue your interests against creditors claiming PMSI financing, and against sub-tenants who may also be accountable to you.
    * We are knowledgeable with respect to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, its effect on you in a Rent Distress Action and we have the ability to move quickly, while acting in accordance with the law, to protect your interests.
    * We are also experts in saving commercial tenancies while at the same time keeping our customers in the drivers seat during the collection of rent.
    * We can analyze your lease and develop a strategy for your current and future tenancies. Call one of our professionals today for immediate results.
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