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CB First Nations Custom clothing of all kinds – CB TER324 Located in Prince George

Category: Other


Highest Bid: $1,300

Number Of Bids: 11

Reserve not yet met

The Court Bailiff offers for sale by public tender, the interest of The Provincial Sales Tax Act, the Judgment Creditor, and John Wilson, the Judgment Debtor in the following goods and chattels. This sale is based off of a Writ of Seizure and Sale out of the  Victoria Court Registry,  Writ Registry #245124 :

Hoodies, pants, shirts, ties, hats, and dresses all with custom first nations art work:


Eagle bandana hoodie(burg/black) - 48 

 Eagle hoodie (grey/purple/blue) - 15

 Eagle hoodie (black/purple/blue oil) - 33

 Wolf hoodie(grey/purple/blue) - 21

Wolf bandana hoodie(burgundy/black) - 37

Skull joggers (blue/green oil) - 8

Skull hoodie (blue/ green oil) - 10

Multi animal joggers (blue/yellow) - 18

Multi animal hoodie(black/blue/yellow) - 24

Multi animal T shirt (black) - 145

Animal dress (grey) - 36

Multi animal T shirt (black/grey/yellow) - 26

Multi animal T shirt (black/purple/blue) - 81

Full length (housecoat length) raven/Eagle- 23

All purple hoodie - 6 

All black hoodie - 5

All teal hoodie - 53

Raven hoodie (blue/purple oil) - 23

Eagle multicolour leggings – 28

 Eagle hoodie (grey/blue/purple) - 26

Multicolor killer whale leggings - 24

 Hats (blk/red) - 5

 T shirt (red) - 9

 T shirt (white) - 53

 T shirt (black) - 16

 Small black art - 2 

 Large black art - 5

Large red art - 12

 Kids hoodie(purple) - 6

 Kids hoodie(grey) - 4

 Kids hoodie(green) - 1 

 Kids hoodie (Light pink) - 1

 Kids hoodie (medium pink) - 1 

 Kids hoodie (dark pink) – 3

Raven Bandana hoodie (Brown) – 39

Killer whale bandana (brown) -17

Killer whale (blue/grey) -2

Suit ties – tons in multiple different animals as first nations drawings

Numerous clothing racks

Numerous Miscellaneous different name brand shirts.

This is a Court Bailiff Sale, the Court Bailiff holds the right to cancel or adjourn the sale without notice. Goods are sold as is where is. Bidder takes responsibility to ensure they are satisfied with with the description of the unit/goods being sold. North Central Bailiffs is not responsible for determining the correct description. Bidder will be responsible for the pick up and transport of the items post purchase.



Minimum Bid Amount: $ 1,400

    CB First Nations Custom clothing of all kinds  – CB TER324 Located in Prince George

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