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North Central Bailiffs Ltd.

As Process Servers, it is our duty to serve your legal documents. In that respect, we give legal notice to a party (usually the Defendant or another person named) requiring them to respond to a legal proceeding scheduled to be held before a court, government body, or tribunal. Notice is usually provided by presenting the party in question with court documents such as a Writ of Summons, Notice of Claim, Summons, Statements of Claim, Petition to the Court, etc. Some documents must be served personally, while others may be served upon a person of legal age at the intended party’s residence. At the time of service, our process servers may request identification from the recipient. You may wish to give us special instructions with respect to a particular service, and we’re willing to accommodate!

Once the document has been served, our Process Servers will make a note of the date and time of service and manner of service for preparation of the Affidavit of Service.

An Affidavit of Service is a legal document completed by our Process Servers outlining where, when, and on whom the documents were served. The Affidavit is sworn before and signed by a lawyer, notary public, justice of the peace or commissioner of oaths. Affidavits of Service must be completed carefully and properly, sworn, and filed in the applicable court registry, before the court will acknowledge that a given person has been served. An Affidavit or Certificate of Service is usually necessary to prove service of documents.

Our Bailiffs, Court Bailiffs, and Process Servers also excel at skip locates. We also prepare the best affidavits in the business!

We offer flat rates with modest or minimal charge for return trips in most areas, with the notarization of the Affidavit of Service to be billed additionally at low cost. In many cases, “locate” charges are built into our fee structure. Our fee structure encourages our Process Servers to get your documents served on the first trip. We are fast and professional and operate across Canada with easy, no cost referrals to any of our four branches. Our Court Bailiffs can also serve your Execution or Summons to a Default Hearing documents from any of our locations!

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